To Be Inked Or Not To Be Inked? Tattoo Drawings

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To Be Inked Or Not To Be Inked? Tattoo Drawings

Tattoos are a part of life like death and taxes and perhaps even more eternal. I can’t think of any other way to articulate yourself then inking it straight to your skin for all to observe forever. Agree or disagree is not up for discussion today. I think now with the web and the ability to search tattoo drawings, there should no longer be awful tattoos.

Now we can’t free the planet of bad artists but just do some homework here first. With the web we can explore the biggest book of tattoo flash, designs and even artists in any city, instantaneously. This theoretically takes away the possibility of a terrible tattoo. But a little grunt work and some searching is still required.

I am a firm believer in getting something tattooed with meaning since it does last forever, at the very least it should be cool. I would try to draw something up by hand or get an idea of what you want and find an artist that could bring it to life. Remember if you need some insight search the internet, but don’t just blatantly steal other’s tattoos, use them to develop your own.

Take several drawings and use the ideas to come up with something new. Go into the parlor organized. Color or just black? My chest or leg? Bring things in to show the artist and help them get a better impression of what you want. Magazines, tattoo drawings, anything that will help. I am still blown away by some of the work that tattoo artists can do these days.

Don’t go in under the influence. This is just my personal view. If you are drinking your blood is thin and it gets messy. I think it is safe to say that we tend to do things we may not do if we weren’t drinking and this doesn’t mix well with permanent tattoos. Anyways wouldn’t you enjoy feeling the pain sober?

Heres a couple of things for the tattoo newbies. Well it hurts. I know that nothing hurts you because your gigantic and tough and blah blah, it does hurt, I don’t care what anybody tells you. Think about how it really works, tiny needles dragging across you as they pierce you. I associate it to a lit cigarette just smoldering on your leg. Not don’t let me worry you if it hurt that bad no one would do it. You can handle it, it’s not the most comfortable thing to do, but bearable. The needle they use to outline the tattoo hurts more then the one they use to fill and it will absolutely hurt more depending on where you choose to get it.

The way you care for your tattoo the next couple of weeks after is vital. Don’t do the aftercare half assed as the brilliance and detail of your tattoo is at stake. Make sure you ask questions and get aftercare instructions at the tattoo parlor, a decent one won’t let you leave without this information. Remember not to stop with the care early merely because you think your tattoo has finished healing. Make sure to cleanse it and keep it moist. It will itch but you can not scratch and pick at the scabs. Be sure to follow the aftercare process they give you at the tattoo parlor.

Getting a tattoo is a magnificent experience and can capture a memory or time in your life forever. It is a great way to celebrate a memory, express yourself, and even meet new people. Just please do some homework and check out all the tattoo flash and tattoo drawings that you can. Preparation is key so you don’t end up with the identical thing everyone else gets off the wall. Hopefully this article can help you take away some of the risk of making a permanent mistake. Now time to get tatted!

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