Tattoos of the modern times

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Tattoos of the modern times

With the modern technologies storming almost all the fields on the planet, there’s been a rapid change in how the world looks at things. Talking about the tattoos, there’s been drastic change in the social acceptability of the tattoos. The body arts were once considered inhumane acts and were associated with punishment. Tattoos are present in numerous variants and many of them are not known to many. In the later sections, some such tattoos like the hippie tattoos, sleeve tattoos and the cartoon tattoos are talked about.

The Japanese have always made an impact on the developments in all the streams. The same happens with the tattoos, where the Japanese designs have gained popularity among the people in the western world too. Following the Japanese shoulder tattoo and Japanese chest tattoos, the Japanese sleeve tattoos are creating waves among the tattoo lovers.

It’s simple to choose from the various kinds of the sleeve tattoos like full sleeve tattoos, half sleeve tattoos and the quarter sleeve tattoos. These tattoo ideas vary in the extent of the arm that is inked. Gober and Shichibu patterns of the sleeve tattoos are the main ones in vogue.

The koi fish sleeve tattoos are famous mostly among the Japanese youth. Talking about the koi fishes, they are considered as symbols of good luck in Japan and this is evidenced by the fact that most religious places in Japan have a pond of koi fish at the entrance.

The koi fish tattoos can be done in various sizes as per the demand of the tattoo seeker. Usually, they are inked on the backside of the neck and the arm. The sole purpose of having a koi fish tattoo in the olden days was the religious image attached with these fishes. However, today people get inked with these tattoos owing to their beauty.

If you can turn back the pages of history, the 1960′s time talks about the culture of the hippies that was very popular. The glory of the hippies and their peace loving nature are located in the designs that talk exclusively about the hippies. The designs that were used by the hippies are butterflies, doves, hearts and flowers.

The place chosen for this tattoo should be such that one will be able to flaunt his elegant designs. Normally inking of these tattoos is done on the backside of the wrist and the area behind the neck. The positive nature of the hippies has more weightage than the negative practices among them.

Now you can relive the memories of your childhood by making a decision to get inked with the many options of the cartoon tattoos accessible to you. This is a chance to wake up the kid in you.

But the best way you can exhibit the spontaneity in you is by getting a cartoon tattoo on. The tattoos can handle reminding you of the times when the Donald duck or the Mickey Mouse were your heroes. The cartoon tattoos also include superhero tattoos and the fancy girl tattoos.

These methods of tattooing are the ones in vogue consequently feel different from the rest of the people who go with common forms of tattoos.

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