Super Sexy LOcations on Your Body For A Female Tattoo Design

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Super Sexy LOcations on Your Body For A Female Tattoo Design

Have you been wondering what the hot new tattoo designs for this year are going to be? It is hard to predict but some of the earliest trends are already out there and these might be the next big things in tattoo. This article will look into some of the top locations to get inked for hot and sexy women or just women wanting a tattoo, here are the top locations.

Locations For Hot Female Tattoo Designs – Of course you can always get a tattoo on any part of the body you want. The list below just gives some of the most popular places to get inked on the female body. If you already have somewhere in mind then great but if you are still trying to think of the location for your tattoo design then by all means read what is below and take the ideas into consideration and see what works best for you and the tattoo you want.

Hip Tattoos For Women – Well we have all seen the now infamous lower back tattoo right? The problem is it got used too much and it lost its uniqueness. Fear not however below you will find a ton of locations that all work just as well. Our first tattoo design location is the hip. Hip tattoos have been around for a while but more and more women are asking to get them now. They are easy to cover up in the professional workplace and as needed. Yet wear the right shirt and pants combination and you are ready to go.

Upper Back Tattoo Designs – The upper back is kind of the new version of the over played lower back tattoo. The upper back is just as sexy, it is easy to cover when need in professional settings and so forth. Yet it offers a very large canvas for a beautiful and bold tattoo design. On the pain scale it is relatively less painful to get an upper back tattoo then a rib cage, top of foot or wrist tattoo design. All of these factors combined have made the upper back a super location for a tattoo design.

Half Sleeve Tattoos – Another great location for a super sexy and hot tattoo design that many women are choosing these days are sleeve tattoos. These can range from half to quarter to full sleeve tattoo designs depending on the design of course. However, the most popular for women these days are half sleeve tattoos that start at the shoulder and come down.

Side Tattoos – Another super hot trend in locations for tattoo designs especially suited to women are side tattoos. These often start low almost down by the hip and can come all the way up to the bottom of the rib cage. Just make sure to remember that the higher you go up towards the rib cage the more potential you have for pain. Since the ribs are close to the skin the pain level is a bit higher with side tattoo designs.

It seems like choosing a tattoo is really a two part process. People fall into one of two categories when starting the first step of the tattoo. The first group already has a location in mind where they want to put the tattoo design and all they need to do is find the design that will work well in that location. The second group often starts with the design first and they need to just match it with the right location. This article is meant to help the second group whom already have a design in mind and just need to find a sexy location to lay down their ink. The locations presented in this article are just a few of the most often requested locations but not a complete list of what is possible. Gather ideas from the locations mentioned above and then create your own location and design for something that is unique and original.

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