Hot And Sexy Tattoo Feminine Designs Locations For Women

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Hot And Sexy Tattoo Feminine Designs Locations For Women

Girls are you wanting to get a sexy tattoo design and want something different then the lower back tattoo? If you do want a great looking tattoo design and really don’t want to go with a tramp stamp don’t worry there are a ton of great locations to get a tattoo design and many of them are super sexy and cute. Just break away from the crowd and do something different. Sexy tattoo designs are unique and individual and not just want everyone else is doing or has done before.

Hot Locations For Sexy Tattoo Designs
Obviously what one person considers a sexy location for a tattoo someone else might not. Therefore everyone’s list will differ and what they think is cute for a tattoo design is very individual. However, almost all of us can now universally say the lower back tattoo while it is a sexy location has been done too much. So now let’s look at some other possible locations for hot and sexy tattoo designs that many women might like. The list of course might not have your favorite but it is meant to at least give some ideas.

Back of Neck – The nape of the neck or back of the neck is thought to be a very sexy area of the women’s body and in many cultures a very sensual spot. Just think of the Geisha in Japan that used to use white makeup on their face and neck. However, they would leave streaks of skin showing through the back of the neck to be provocative. This sounds a little strange to us in today’s culture and with current clothing trends. However there has always been something very sexy about the back of the neck.

Upper Back Tattoos – The upper back of course is very close to the nape of the neck and therefore also a sexy location to get a tattoo. It is easy to cover up with a shirt when needed but can be revealed when one wants pretty easily with the right clothing item. It is also a large area so it can accommodate a large tattoo design and something with lots of intricate details.

Hips – Well do I really need to say more about this area? The hips have been thought of as very sexy places for centuries. The hips are much more modern then the lower back tattoo and it is just as sexy. You can choose to get something small on both hips or just one tattoo on one side either way you end up with a sexy tattoo design.

Ankles – A women’s ankles are a very sexy part of the body also and can only accentuate a beautiful pair of shoes and feet. Ankle tattoo have been around for a long time but are still a very current trend and look very hot!

Wrist – This is a popular place to get a tattoo also. Especially for women who love to wear bracelets a wrist tattoo can be a wonderful addition. One word of warning though it can be difficult to cover up if that matter for you professionally.

Thigh Tattoos – The thigh tattoo is also a very sexy location and one that is definitely intimate. It is almost always covered up so that works great for people that cannot have revealing tattoos in their professional work place. The thigh tattoo by its nature that it is often covered up and a bit more hidden just makes it that much more of a sexy location since the only way you are going to see that kind of tattoo is typically if you are getting pretty close to the women.

Side Tattoos – Side tattoos are super hot and both men and women are getting side tattoos right now. However, for women it is a very sexy location. It can easily peak out from under a short shirt and be shown off when wearing summer clothing or it can be easily hidden when needed. Some popular options for side tattoos are sayings and writing, koi fish, ships, dragons and even more feminine designs like flowers and angels. The choices are really pretty open as it is a pretty large location for a tattoo design. Just make sure to start with a design that is pretty tall and rectangular so it will fit into the location well.

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