Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos – Old History Reunites With Modern Style

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Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos – Old History Reunites With Modern Style

The modern era has seen the birth of numerous beliefs and traditions, the most visibly portrayed are the Hawaiian tribal tattoos. Adopted and embedded on different parts of the human body, the designs have become a sort of style statement.

The tattoos are aged over a thousand years but the last two decades have seen them rise immensely in popularity. Many of us have the common belief that the Hawaiian tribal tattoos are only those pertaining to flowers and leis. This is a completely wrong notion as the Hawaiian Islands are a part of the longer chain of the Polynesian islands. These islands have the rich heritage and tradition similar to that of the other islands inhibited by the Maori and Samoan tribal communities.

According to ancient history each time a member was given a tattoo, prayers had to be done in the temple. The reasons for tattooing have not changed over the years. Personal identification, mourning emotions depicted for the loved one, adornment and protection also.

The Hawaiian tribal tattoo designs were mainly of lizards, sea turtles, dolphins, tropical flowers and arrows. The parts of the body were different when it was to be embedded for males and females. The males generally tattooed their faces, arms, legs and torso. The females were much more conventional in their approach, covering their hands, wrists and tongue.

Hawaiian flower tattoos are not particularly womanly in nature in spite of the fact that they possess floral components. The most fashionable flower is the hibiscus. The colors, which are generally preferred, are red, pink, yellow, white and purple.

The orchid tattoo is another popular name being a part of the rare category. Ghosts’ orchids are beautiful as well as peculiar.

After having known all the different kinds of tattoos and their histories the origin still remains untouched if you don’t know the actual artists. Keone Nunes and Aisea Toetuou are two of the old warheads of those times. Among the moderns we come across is sailor Jerry who lived in America. His tattoos had the look of the old school to it, which was succeeded by Mike Malone, the creator of the Hawaiian armband tattoo.

Hawaiian tribal tattoos have certainly gained a huge reputation in the far west and now worldwide. Wearing a tattoo remains the same but the reasons have changed as the years go by. Have you got your tattoo yet?

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