Getting a Tattoo on Your Back

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Getting a Tattoo on Your Back

Getting a Tattoo on Your Back Getting a Tattoo on Your Back One of the most common places to have a tattoo is on the back. The trend for women right now is the lower back tattoo, which generally is less about self expression and more about the fact that they’re sort of sexy down there.

This isn’t exactly a bad thing. It isn’t that unusual for both sexes to choose that part of the back for a tattoo. Another popular spot is the lower neck. Of course there are the really brave ones who choose to have their whole backs covered with a tattoo and these can be of murals and flowers or skulls and blood, the choice is individual.

What makes it interesting is that the wearer almost never gets to see their own tattoo. But this is because they have it done for others to see, such as when they are on the beach. Sometimes they choose a back tattoo for personal reasons or simply because of practicality, such as needing a larger space for a large tattoo.

When it comes to getting ink work done the back is an ideal location whether the tattoo is large or small. If you are contemplating getting a tattoo on your back what should you bear in mind? The main thing is to be absolutely sure that you want that tattoo, whether on your back or elsewhere on your body, for a long time.

A tattoo on the back requires just as much after care as any other. Therefore the fact that you cannot see it does not mean you can disregard it. The health of your skin is on the line.

As mentioned the tattoo will require after care if you want it to last for years to come. It will not heal properly if you adopt an out of sight, out of mind attitude toward it. Remember that all tattoos take time to heal.

You also need to bear in mind that some people assert that tattoos done close to the spine are more painful to have done. No tattoo can be done without some level of pain although there are ones that are more painful. This is dependent upon where the tattoo is done.

Originality is a big deal when women are deciding to have a tattoo done on their backs. You need to let your own unique personality shine through so choose a design you like. You do not have to follow the trends and have a semi-tribal or semi-ornate tattoo done just because those are the styles that appeal to the majority.

And remember that your body will change and your tattoo will change with it. There was a funny skit on Saturday Night Live that addresses the trend for young women to get lower back tattoos.

As we age and our bodies change the tattoo invariably ends up appearing disproportionate and some might say unattractive. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should refrain from getting one done but do not dismiss the inevitable changes your body will undergo physically that will affect the look of your tattoo.

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