Concorde tattoo – finished

Pinned on December 3, 2012 at 5:32 am by Jenny Enkassan

Concorde tattoo – finished

Tattoo by Dee @ Seventh Sun, Woolwich.

I like how my stretchmarks ended up looking like sky…

The tattoo is on my lower back, above the jeans line.


phennessy19 says:

That is an original tattoo a BA Concorde. It turned out nice….Really cool!

Jinny the Squinny says:

There will be more to add to it– I’m thinking about adding the Red Arrows doing a display behind :-) And once the grey has settled and it’s all nicely healed we’re going to see how the shading looks and maybe add more highlighting.

midendian says:

This is excellent :)

Jinny the Squinny says:


Only the tail paint has any scabbing left on it now, so there will soon be a "healed" picture to see. :)

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