Are Tattoos Healthy For You?

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Are Tattoos Healthy For You?

Research has shown that many people are getting tattoos to enhance their physical appearance. Whether it is a small marking on the back of your neck or a very visible symbol across your forearm, there is no denying that tattoos are gaining prominence in the mainstream culture. However, some people still have reservations about getting tattoos, either due to the misconceived implications or their general lack of knowledge about the topic.

There are many reasons why people get tattoos. Some say that that they signify courage and strength within a person’s character, since the user must obviously have a high pain tolerance level to willingly let multiple tattoo needles pierce through their skin. Others say that they are able to express themselves creatively through tattoos. They are able to stand out from a crowd and form a unique identity of their own.

When Thomas Edison invented his version of an engraving machine in 1870, he never imagined that it would have a completely different use two decades later. Yet, after some minor modifications, his original invention transformed into what is commonly known as a tattoo gun. Yes, the same machine used to engrave pictures and words on inanimate objects also serves a similar function on a human’s body.

Contrary to popular belief, getting a tattoo is a relatively painless process. Thanks to the modern invention by Thomas Edison, the tattoo machines are designed to reduce the pain afflicted by moderate amounts. This is a huge improvement over the previous tattooing technique, which involved taking a hammer and literally pushing the ink onto the individual’s skin.

The tattoo machine operates with two needles. The first one involves tracing the outline of the tattoo. This is typically drawn in black or any other colour as the user desires. The second needle is used for the actual colouring process, as in filling out the colours within the outlines. The needles are designed so that the bottom base is wider.

With that said, there are still some health risks involved in getting a tattoo. First and foremost, you should always confirm the cleanliness of the tattoo equipment so that it follows the standard safety guidelines. Make sure all the machines and needles are sterilized to avoid possible infection. Also, each tattoo needle should only be used once, so this is one item that you definitely don’t want to recycle!

The prospect of needles might scare off some people, but the actual tattooing process is quite simple and efficient. Basically, the tattoo machine has a single needle, which injects ink onto an individual’s body by piercing through their skin. Afterwards, another needle is used to apply colouring ink onto the design. The needle itself has a tiny opening at the base, which is the place where the ink flows out.

Getting a tattoo is a healthy process as long as you ensure the cleanliness of the equipment. As long as you visit a tattoo parlour that you can trust, there is nothing to worry about. Tattoos can also be hugely beneficial to your emotional and social health, for you will feel more self-confident upon receiving one. Don’t hesitate – tattoo now!

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