Toilet Tattoos TT-1600-O Found on the Beach Design, Elongated

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Toilet Tattoos TT-1600-O Found on the Beach Design, Elongated

TT-1600-O Size: Elongated Features: -Toilet seat applique.-Found on the beach design.-Patterns designed around a theme.-Modern style.-Reusable electrostatic vinyl.-For use on smooth toilet lids.-Not for use on cushioned vinyl or decorative brown wooden seats.-To clean simply wipe using non-harsh or non-abrasive chemicals.-For best results, store flat.-Hygienic.-Wipes clean.-Easy to install.-No adhesive. Options: -Available in round and elongated size. Dimensions: -Round toilet seat dimensions: 12” W x 13.5” D.-Elongated toilet seat dimensions: 12” W x 15” D. Collection: -Themes collection.

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Betty L. Dravis "BETTY DRAVIS, author/reviewer" says:

My pampered potty has it’s very own tatt! How cool is that? I received this whimsical bathroom decoration as an extra birthday gift from one of my kids. I suspect she bought the “Found on the Beach” pattern because of my love for the ocean and fondness for our former Capitola beach condo. Since my bath mats and towels are a pretty shade of green, the cabinetry matches the shells, and the wall is adorned with two exotic fish prints from a Capitola artist, this lid cover is very complementary to my theme.It’s an excellent vinyl weight that’s easy to place and center properly. No glue, no sticking, so it’s easy on, easy off! Another good feature is that they come in two different lengths, elongated being the one that fits my toilet lid.If you want a Toilet Tatt for your pampered pottie, they have a wide selection…from a large pink rose to yellow rubber duckies and an outhouse. I’m certainly glad my daughter didn’t give me the “outhouse” design. I’m really not THAT funky! But back to the duckies, they have two patterns; I’m thinking of buying the ducks on a bright blue background for our Devon. But knowing him, he might try to peel it off, so that might not work. Hmmmm…It truly makes me LOL at the name the designer chose for this lid adornment: Toilet Tattoo. (It only figures that the lowly toilet would eventually be brought into the new millennium with it’s very own tatt! Bling for the john!)Since laughter is good for the soul and beauty pleases the eye, I highly recommend this product.Reviewed by Betty Dravis, February 23, 2010author of “Dream Reachers” (with Chase Von) and other books

Anonymous says:

This is the best invention EVER!!!! Love the design and it fits my toilet Perfectly!!!!! I can’t wait to buy more designs!

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