The Mammoth Book of Tattoo Art (Mammoth Books)

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The Mammoth Book of Tattoo Art (Mammoth Books)

Over 700 full-colour photographs of the work of leading tattoo artists from all over the world, including: Horiyoshi III, Filip Leu, Louis Molloy, Hannah Aitchison, Jime Litwalk, Mike DeVries, Buena Vista Tattoo Club, Adam Collins, Face the Fact, Kore Flatmo, Jeff Gogue, Dan Gold, Good Times, Barba Kari, Cecil Porter, Sarah Schor, Bob Tyrrell, Motomichi Nakamura, Holy Cow and Mick from Zurich. As jam-packed with the very best in tattoo art as the bestselling first volume, The Mammoth Book of Tattoos, this is a must-have for any fan of skin art.Praise for the The Mammoth Book of Tattoos:“Stellar” – Skin Deep.”Excellent stuff” – Rock Sound.

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Mr. Sweeps says:

Good book, terrible binding. The content of the book is quite good. The photos are all clear and the subjects interesting. The problem starts with the book itself. The binding is absolutely horrible. Pages started falling out after less than a day of normal, careful use. A few days later, the entire cover is barely hanging on. Buyer beware.

Buster Paris says:

Belongs In Your Collection – You’ll Need 2 Copies For Your Tattoo and Art Section It’s funny, when I grabbed the book to put next to my laptop so I can type the review, I flipped through pages and rediscovered just how great this book is and sure – there are tons of tattoo books out there, heck – there’s tons of tattoo images we can all just Google to look at, but The Mammoth Book of Tattoo Art belongs in your collection. It’s full of interesting, beautiful and unique tattoos.Some reviews really depend on your (the reader’s) intentions in buying the book. However, for this book, it pretty much covers them all.If you’re looking for tattoo ideas/inspirations – this is a great book with PAGES of beautiful tattoosIf you’re looking for an art book with an emphasis (ok, total focus) on tattoos – this is a great book with PAGES of beautiful tattoosIf you’re looking for a gift for the tattoo enthusiast the artist in your life – - this is a great book with PAGES of beautiful tattoosI think you get where I’m going with this.This book really is a great book. The pictures are beautiful, the art is beautiful and one thing this book does that stands out amongst the rest is that it has “chapters” (several samples) from tattoo artists – so if you see something you LOVE and want it OR want THAT specific artist, it gives the artists information and a little bit of information on them. Not overly in your face, and not too little information.Great book, buy it and enjoy it.

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