Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

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Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

Print designs onto this unique paper with an inkjet printer. Then, with the included adhesive, use the Silhouette’s print and cut feature to cut around each printed design. Silhouette temporary tattoos apply easily with water, generally last a day or two, and can be removed with a washcloth and warm water.

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Thunderboltspro says:

It works!!!!! It was as easy as 123.Had it on my wrist for a day with no ill effects.Layers are from top to bottom protecting layer,ink,adhesive.Taking a shower completely removed it but had to scrub a bit to remove the adhesive(don’t freak out when the ink/protection layer comes off it will have a blue adhesive on your skin), would have rated it 5 stars if it would have lasted longer.don’t forget to flip the image.Aligning the adhesive to the printer paper was kinda hard, you only have one chance to get it right.It’s expensive two sheets for ten bucks.

back scratcher lover says:

Great Stuff! I bought this paper unsure of what I would be getting. It was pricey, and it only comes with two sheets so I was a bit of a skeptic. But it works perfectly! First, I make a document on my computer with all the images I wanted, then flipped the whole thing. I printed it out on the paper and applied the adhesive sheet (not as difficult as you would think, just stick the little strip at the end down first and peel the rest out from under; if you order it you’ll know what I mean). Then I rubbed the adhesive with a wooden block so it would stick to the paper. Next I cut out whatever tattoo I wanted at the time and applied it like you would any other temporary tattoo! It worked exactly as it should! One myth I found was that you don’t need all the software they say you do! I ignored anything in the instructions that had to do with the software and did it my own way and it worked. They do wash off easily, but it says right on the package that it will wash off after 1 day. Overall, great product!

alister says:

printable temporary tattoo paper We purchased this product for a family vacation. We printed our names and cell phone numbers on the kids in case we got separated and they couldn’t remember our numbers, or were hurt and couldn’t tell them to someone. They worked fantastic. My only complaint was that they left some sticky residue, but I think it may have been my fault, as I didn’t try to peel them off before the kids got in the bath. I tried one on myself when we got home, and it peeled off with no residue. Great product!

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