Brand New 2013 Model 2 Guns Super Tattoo Ink Kit Complete

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Brand New 2013 Model 2 Guns Super Tattoo Ink Kit Complete


1 Top quality deluxe carrying case
2 Professional tattoo machines for liner & shader
2 stainless steel tubes
2 chromatic alloy tubes
7 different size stainless steel tips
1 great quality power supply.(110/240V)
1 Foot switch

1 power cord

50 pre made sterile tattoo needles

1 ink holder
100 ink cup
50 rubber bands
50 rubber rings
50 grommets
7 Bottles ink (Angel White, Devil Black, Navy Blue, Lightning Yellow, Blood Red, Peacock Green, Aubergine)
Set of adjust tools and other attachments
1 Free Demo instruction VCD English version for windows media player
10 sheets practice paper great to practice on instead of yourself.this is how to learn to do high quality tattoo work.

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Daniel C. Hall says:

Don’t buy this! Where do I begin? I was buying a tattoo kit for my girl friend’s b-day and this started kit looked promising. Don’t buy it, it is a waste of your money, I repeat don’t buy this kit! It didn’t come with practice skins like it said it would. The “Practice Paper” is just computer paper with designs printed on it from the sellers computer. The ink containers were broke open with ink all over the kit. The guns are not new they are refurbished guns. The “DVD” that accompanies it is really a CD that was copied from his computer, it is terrible. The quality of the CD is bad and my girl friend will have to look on you tube on how to tattoo. The kit is of no brand Either. It is a total rip off of another kit. To reiterate this review. THE KIT IS A RIP OFF; THE GUNS AREN’T NEW(ONLY REFURBISHED), THE “DVD” IS A MASS COPIED “CD” THAT IS IN CHINESE AND BELIEVE ME, “IT WON’T HELP YOU TATOO.” YOUR BETTER OFF STABING YOURSELF WITH A NEEDLE AND POURING INK ON, THEN USING THIS KIT.

T. Langley "Inkslinger" says:

Do Not Buy!!!! Let me start this review by saying that at first this appears to be a good starter kit for a beginner. I was at first dissapointed when it did not come with practice skin. Then I watch the “do it yourself video” which was terrible, not helpful at all, and quite frankly had a creepy soundtrack. Then I started doing tattoos, all was well. And then on the 5th tattoo I did the power source took a crap on me in the middle of the session thus ruining my clients tattoo as well as my reputation. I am extremely dissapointed in this product.

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