50 Tattoo Needles 5rl “Needleboy” 5 Round Liner

Pinned on January 26, 2014 at 1:32 am by Helen Jacobsen

50 Tattoo Needles 5rl “Needleboy” 5 Round Liner

1 box of 50 size 5 Round Liner
sealed, sterilized
ships fast.

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amazon buy2 50 Tattoo Needles 5rl Needleboy 5 Round Liner

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Alivia says:

pleasantly surprised. Let me just start with saying I assumed these were going to be total garbage. I’m a professional tattoo artist but found myself in a bind on a traveling trip and with my regular manufacturer on the other side of the world I needed some needles FAST. I’ve used about 5 of them so far and I must say, I’m surprised at the quality. It also shipped MUCH fast than it said it would.These are SUPER TIGHT – which should be mentioned somewhere, there’s more than one kind of 5 liner, this is a 5RLT, produces a super fine line and requires a tad more attention to get a clean line than a regular 5RL.All in all, I prefer the needles I usually use, and won’t switch to ‘needleboy’ but they’re not terrible. And that’s saying something for tattoo equipment ordered on Amazon.com.

Damion says:

Pre-made needles Considering that tattooers rarely make their own needles anymore, making needles has become a lost art. It is something that all tattooers should know how to do, but I understand that it takes time and it’s so inexpensive to just buy pre-made needles now a days. Just make sure that a good company is making them and they are sterilized! These ones seem good for what they cost. I go through them and just toss the ones that don’t look right or are defective. I suggest any new tattooers out there to learn how to make needles because then you can make them according to how you tattoo and many companies don’t make certain needles you might need. Needleboy hooks it up right though, thanks!

Elliott Nunez says:

what can you say? what can you really say about needles they were sharp and they worked great!! came before i thought they would. The price was wonderful i will buy more!

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