tattoos courtesy of myspace

Pinned on December 22, 2012 at 10:32 am by Jenny Enkassan

tattoos courtesy of myspace

a guy called aaron sent me a message on myspace to tell me he been tattooed with a couple of my drawings, these are the results of that tattooing………………… this point i would like to add tattoo’s are for life kids…………tattoos are FOR LIFE!!

just the other day i saw a guy asleep outside sainsburys with a lovely rendering of a naked girl straddling and erect ejaculating penis……….choose wisely.


silis_ says:

jea this rocks man…great place too

Lil' Pete // says:

Mate you mean you wouldn’t want a Pig-Snake or a Camel-Toed, mexican woman wrestler like Sean?

Laura Mary says:

Looks like guts.

Nils Jawa says:

You didnt take a picture of that guy you saw at sainsburys?

richt-what says:

jawa i tried, oh how i tried, but by the time i had psyched myself up for th fly by picture taking he had stired from his slumber and was shouing abuse at shoppers.

Nils Jawa says:

hot damn thats a shame. You should be drunk more often so you have more reserves of dutch courage.

abrock. says:

mate, dunno if you could make out what was going on in that phone call but it was the beastie boys playing one classic number or another.

It was fucking immense. i went to the instrumental show expecting a nice head nodding performance of those in sound from way out tunes and stuff off the new album but they broke out Remote Control. Great, I thought… they’ll play a couple of rap tunes as well. LIttle did I know that they would break out Root Down, Sure Shot, 3 MCs, Whatcha want and something’s got to give! Chucked in a bit of sabotage and the king abrock walked away with a huge grin.

abrock. says:

Roundhouse in Camden. let me know next time you are in London bay.

jon drypnz says:

should have got the color in there as well!!!!

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