Geekiest Tattoo Ever?

Pinned on January 4, 2013 at 6:32 am by Leslie McAllister

Geekiest Tattoo Ever?

The tricky thing about tattoos is that they are for life. Permanent. Forever inked into your body. People always talk about getting a silly tattoo, but usually that’s all just talk. Then once in awhile you hear about someone getting a really bad tattoo. My favorite bad tattoo example is either an 8-ball or a donkey on a surfboard smoking a joint. But now I guess I need to add room to that list.

Martin Jacobsen (see image) decided to not only get a geeky tattoo, but he added a super nerdy twist to it. In case you don’t know what his head/body tattoo means, it’s a piece of HTML code currently used ……



*Riskin* says:


Di Fraia says:


rulico says:

really great..!

localjoost says:

i would take it :-)

mfrissen says:

looks fake though.

SpAvAAi says:

I’d like to add


on his throat.

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