723 Pcs Complete Tattoo Starter Kit Digital Power Supply Needles Grips 8 Color MOM’s Ink Shots

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723 Pcs Complete Tattoo Starter Kit Digital Power Supply Needles Grips 8 Color MOM’s Ink Shots

The 723 Pcs Tattoo Kit includes: 2 tattoo machine, 8 MOM’s made in the USA tattoo inkshots, digital power supply, 2 grip, 2 clip cord, stainless steel foot-pedal, 50 pre-sterilized stainless steel tattoo needles, disposable tips, disposable silicone-gel grip with tube and matching tattoo needle, and other accessories for you to get started.

1x Power Supply system – Dual machine support, simply switch between a Liner or Shader. Fully adjustable output with dual precision dial of 1.5 – 18 volts. U.S. Standard power plug included.

2x Tattoo Machine – High performance pro-quality tattoo machine, runs smooth with low vibration frame. The dual 10-wrap coil machine can be used as a liner or shader.

8x Tattoo ink shots (2ml per shot). Colors included Black Outlining & Graywash Shading by Kuro Sumi. Pretty Boy Blue, Monthly Red, Forest Gump Green, Powder White, Hello Yellow, Purple Nurple by MOM’s Millennium Colorworks.

5x Disposable silica-gel grip, tubes w/ needles. Sizes: 5RL, 7RL, 5RS, 7RS and 7M1 with 5/8″ grip.

6x Stainless Steel Tattoo Tip Set. The set includes 1 pcs per size: 3R, 5R, 7R, 9R, 5F, 7F.

30x Disposable Tips. 3 piece per size, 10 size total: 3RT, 5RT, 7RT, 9RT, 3DT, 5DT, 7DT, 9DT, 5FT, 7FT.

50x Premium stainless steel needles, pre-sterilized w/ E.O. gas. 5pc per size, 10 sizes in total: 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 5F Flats, 7M1 Mags.

2x Non-slip aluminum alloy grip.

2x Flexible clip-cord.

1x Stainless steel foot-pedal switch.

1x Spirit 4-ply thermal transfer paper 8.5″ x 11″.

1x Metal ink cup stand.

2x Pair of black latex glove.

2x Twin-blade disposable razor.

3x Tattoo practice skin 6″ x 8″

3x Dual-tip black marking pen, Black, Blue, Red.

4x Allen wrench.

50x Rubber nipple grommet.

50x Rubber full size grommet.

50x Rubber O-rings.

50x Heat resistant rubber bands.

200x Small clear ink cups.

100x Medium clear ink cups.

100x Large clear ink cups.

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Matthew Short says:

Well…. Its a good kit…. That’s about all I can say about it. Its a good kit, comes with everything listed, end of story.The only thing I don’t like is the shitty gloves that come with it. I tried to put a pair on yesterday and after 45 minutes of struggling (what can I say? We were all drinking and laughing about the gloves not going on!) I finally ripped the left hand glove. It was like the fingers were melted together so not even AIR could get in. For anyone buying this kit to set up for the first time, GET GOOD GLOVES BEFORE YOU USE THIS KIT! Don’t rely on the dinky ass gloves in the kit!As for everything else, so far so good. If anything breaks down or malfunctions I’ll be updating this.This is a good kit for beginners though. The skins are pretty cool though I probably won’t use them, I can give them to someone to use though which is pretty kick ass.I’m already a fan of Kuro Sumi ink so getting a little more wasn’t a bad deal. Haven’t really dealt with Mom’s yet but I’m going to try tonight on my victi….. uhh…. wife…Seriously though, this is a great kit SO FAR! More to come

Orleans Nefertiti says:

OMG the guns suck! My son was really excited to get his package, we opened it and checked out all the pieces we got one sheet of transfer paper the power box was awesome, I already have one like it. He tried using the markers to draw some art on his customer, thin side does not work thick side bareley shows up. The guns, tubes and tips are definitely not stainless steel. Tried adjusting the contact screw and the set screw broke off, yesterday, on the day we got it! The best part of the set is the power box and pedal. But overall the set was a disappointment!

Hayley says:

Amazing Product PERFECT SET FOR NEW TATTOOERS! Came quick, and the machine works well! I love it. I personally would recommend this to anyone starting out. Also, the set contains so much! You should buy a carrying case with it.

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