Tattoo Art & Design

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Tattoo Art & Design

Tattoos are sexy, fashionable, and creative. This compendium features over 480 designs by the world’s leading young graphic artists for tattoos that are new, different, and edgy.Little has appeared that explores fresh designs for tattoos by contemporary graphic artists and designers. Tattoo Art & Design corrects this with designs by over 60 of today’s up-and-coming designers. They draw inspiration from diverse cultures and media, and bridge the highly graphic world of skin art and the exploding creativity in graphic design communities worldwide. Among the featured designers are Kinpro, Klaus Haapaniemi, Marcus Oakley, Rex Koo, Rinzen, Musa Collective, and Stapelberg & Fritz. The designs featured here shatter the conventional notion of the tattoo. Gone are hearts inscribed with names, anchors, Celtic harps, or tribal bands. Instead, the tattoo designs are based on Japanese animé characters, abstract art, hip-hop culture, and Day-Glo pop art in a palette of vibrant colors and elaborate shapes. These fun and playful designs will inspire a new breed of tattoo artist as well as the next generation of graphic designers.

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Sarah Shea says:

good lick on tattoo? I saw this book at an Urban Outfitters. It features tons of fake tattoos that are made by what I would call “pop surrealists.” If you read juxtapoz you will love the tattoos that are found in here. Yes, some of them are abstract, but if you have the eye for it you can tell that it took time and thought to make these.I loved it. I would even consider getting some of them tattooed on me forever.

Kristina Kazakoff says:

Tattoo Art and Design This book is great. Visually it’s fun and intriguing. I am a lover of tattoo art and design, so this makes for an awesome coffee table book. Guests at my house enjoy leafing through it and it adds art interest to my family room.I give this book three stars because I was expecting more from it. I thought it would be something that explored design theories based on traditional tattooing. I’m not totally sold that this was worth the money.I suggest checking this book out in person at a book store before committing to the price.Overall, I like this book.

Deborah Merritt says:

Artsy fake tattoos These designs are more of the modern art variety- not very tattoo friendly, actually. All of the people in the pictures only have temporary tattoos. I was definitely disappointed in this book.

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