Bow Tattoo Meaning

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Bow Tattoo Meaning


Today, the social stigma of tattoos is lifting & becoming a statement of style & including women.  Tattoos can reflect an art expression or form from the one making the chosen inked selection .  With the ongoing trend , the availability of choice designs and detailed inking is ever growing too..  The style designs have evolved too & diverse from the old school tatts to tribal, sleeve and Chinese lettering to just name a few . reflecting more a personal taste & personality. Women are often choosing inked choices like flowers & vines & the feminine bow tattoo.

Through history , women’s clothing have often been adorned with bows being used as a fashion statement .  From bows tied in hair hair, placed on clothing & material patterns , shoes and handbags .  Perhaps seems a natural progression that bows would become a an inked choice of femininity .

The placement choice of a tattoo often reflects in the size & design  that is selected .  The bow tattoo has a diverse advantage with its versatility of inked placement  locations . From keeping hidden to being completely visual &  using inking as an enhancement . 

Bows have been used many ways to express different messages & meanings .  The saying , tie a string around your finger, was used to become a reminder of an  event & for some is being translated with bow tattoo rings around their fingers.  Bows have also been used to represent how fragile life is and how quickly it can unravel.  A bow tattoo can become a visual reminder of fragility or journey of accomplishments.

Colors of bows being used have become significant as well .  For example, a yellow ribbon tied around a tree into a bow, often represents the honoring & waiting for the return of a loved one from war or a journey . Pink bows and ribbons are worn in support of cancer patients or cancer survivors or loved ones who have sadly lost their battle . 

Often, bows are seen on cartoon characters attire to add a visual confirmation of femininity or a female.  Bows are being added to tattoos that were once considered more masculine, like skulls, for a feminine twist . The bow tie is a formal wear icon .  Bows are also used when wrapping a present , visually representing to the receiver here is a gift for you . 

Bows are a fun, powerful or meaningful way of stating your own personal message.  If your thinking of getting a tattoo, it’s always good to do research BEFORE & realize that it’s a life time permanent commitment & will become part of your personal statement to the world.

If you are looking for more info on bow tattoo meanings or pictures of different bow tattoos styles & placements inked, check out the website, Pictures of Tattoos




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