Tattoo Bible – Book 2

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Tattoo Bible – Book 2

Based on the success of Tattoo Bible – Book One, ArtKulture and Superior Tattoo bring to market Tattoo Bible – Book Two, another unique and colorful collection of flash art. Everything is here, from Skulls to Tribal, from Americana to the avant-garde.  Tattoo Bible – Book Two, covers different styles and an endless supply of ideas. The images are represented in a range of physical sizes, some are printed two or four per page, the more intricate designs are reproduced one per page. The categories include Hearts, Dragons, Roses, Skulls, Butterflies, Girls, Crosses, Celestial, Tribal, Back Pieces, and Nautical.  

Product Features

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Danny Bolick says:

This book would have been great in 1995! This is outdated art. The flash looks like it came from 5-year-old Tattoo Flash magazine. There were no images worth a client looking at for ideas for a good tattoo. This is nowhere even close to Tattoo Source Book. Save your money and buy that book. Most of this books art could be seen on the web or in old magazines. This is not worth leaving in the bathroom. Most of the art looks like remakes of Cherry Creek. There are 4 or 5 pages that were really great but there is not enough of the good art to make up for the bad.

Bryan says:

If only the contents looked as nice as the cover The images on the cover are the best part of these books. All the content inside is pretty awful and poorly finished.

Anonymous says:

Was expecting a little more from the book. Expected a little more variety and flash samples.All in all good samples for what was provided.

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