LAKAYE STUDIO LLC Earth Jagua Body Painting Kit Black

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LAKAYE STUDIO LLC Earth Jagua Body Painting Kit Black

BLACK JAGUA TATTOOS All – Natural Black Temporary Tattoo KIT JAGUA TATTOOS Everyone will think they’re real, but they last 10-15 days! Enjoy our easy-to-user Earth Jagua Black Temporary Tattoo Kit! Used throughout South America by indigenous people for body adornment, Jagua is an edible tropical fruit found in the Amazon. The natural blue/black dye extracted from the fruit creates the look of a permanent tattoo without pain or needles!

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cs says:

Worked as advertised So this stuff works pretty decent. Came with some templates, the usual tribal stuff, a butterfly, spider and so on. All pretty small – maybe 2″ by 2″ and a couple 4″ x 2″. You put oil on your arm, press on the template, it leaves a faint image of the design and then you fill in by hand with the ink dispenser. It dries, forms a kind of crust. You rinse off and it is looks faded, then the next day it looks better.Tat comes out blackish blue color similar to ink you might think someone got from a back alley tat parlor, but if that is the look you’re going for it is fine. It worked for me. I actually hand drew a design and filled it in, worked well. Faded after about a week, then at about 2 weeks was very faded, 2 1/2 weeks gone.

Nillabean1 says:

Great temp ink This ink definitely lasts about two weeks. The color develops overnight and is nice and black. I use it on my eyebrows. I will definitely purchase this again.

bootsie says:

temporary tatoo My18year old daughter wanted to see if a temperary tatoo worked,it turned out awesome,and lasts a couple weeks and then you have the option of change, whereas with a “real’tatoo you are confined to one option.

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