Ed Hardy Icing Rhinestone Koi Fish Universal Decal

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Ed Hardy Icing Rhinestone Koi Fish Universal Decal

With 40 years of tattooing and legendary status among the tattoo community, Don Ed Hardy is known as “the godfather of modern tattoo”, for his sophistication, depth and sense of experimentation. California native Don Ed Hardy is recognized around the world for his technical brilliance and mesmerizing imagery. Don Ed Hardy pulls from life experience to meld American, Japanese, Cholo, tattoo, surf and hotrod iconography. This broad spectrum of taste and experience, coupled with an ongoing investigation of various art histories and a mastery of technique, give his work a unique range and depth. Don Ed Hardy is a painter, printmaker and tattoo artist. Fascinated by tattoos since childhood, Hardy has become a master of his craft while continuing his work in the more traditional mediums of painting and drawing. Considered one of the most meteoric rises in fashion history, Christian Audigier has parlayed his design experience and business acumen to become a true fashion icon and entrepreneurial sensation in less than four years. Through his collection of international companies, he has launched nine popular brands with over sixty licenses. He oversees an international conglomerate of his designer brands, including Ed Hardy. Show off your style with one of these creative pieces of art, style & fashion!

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Koi says:

eh… Not impressive in the leastm didn’t last very long and decal looks strange irl from a distance you can’t tell what it is. For the price…won’t be buying again.

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