traditional indian design

Pinned on December 16, 2012 at 4:32 am by Jenny Enkassan

traditional indian design

I saw this design on one of Kim Brennan’s clients recently (a photo) and was inspired to create this.


Hafsa Khizer says:

perty, raji?

Henna Bee says:

OK that’s HOT!!!!

Henna Sooq says:

raji mixed with jamila! thanks :)

Discover Henna says:

WOW!!!! Amazing colour

Georgie_grrl says:

Wonderful design – so intricate!

SisterSeekingilm says:

WOW! Thats something else! It’s dark too. mashaAllah

Henna Sooq says:

thank you!

shy_eye_person says:


MamaAfrica85 says:

oh my gooooddd its soo awesome :D loove it
sooo beautiful

Volcano Henna says:

I love the dark stains I get from you henna powders!

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