Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Stencils 20 Designs – Mini-Book A

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Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Stencils 20 Designs – Mini-Book A

Professional-grade, easy-to-use stencils designed for airbrushing temporary tattoos. Organized in a book containing five 8.25″ x 11.25″ pages, each with 4 designs, you will receive a total of 20 different individual patterns as illustrated above. Designs are reverse cut out of the stencil material, so when they are painted over, only the pattern will remain; the overspray will be masked by the stencil. This makes it fast and easy to produce consistent, excellent results. To use, clean the area where the tattoo is to be applied. Peel a stencil from the book and apply to the skin; the self-adhesive backing holds it in place. Airbrush over the stencil and remove. These durable stencils are easily cleaned with alcohol and can be used repeatedly. When dry, return it to the book until needed again. The binding of the stencil book can be opened and re-closed, allowing you to remove or re-order pages as needed. There are 19 stencils each measuring 5.25″ x 3.25″, and one measuring 9″ x 1″, however the actual size of each pattern varies by design. Model: Mini-Book A

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EEDeF says:

Airbrush Stencils The products arrived quickly, in fact sooner than anticipated. It was exactly as dedscribed on the website. The stencils have been useful and a nice addition to my business. Thank you!

Anonymous says:

Thiis came in a very nice presentation. Very nicely bound &keeps stencils filed safely. I’ve yet to use them – i bought them for face painting. We’ll see how it goes … I will update review then.

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