Tattoos for kids: Pidgeotto

Pinned on January 28, 2013 at 12:31 pm by Helen Jacobsen

Tattoos for kids: Pidgeotto

Styled after the classical sailor’s tattoo’s of swallows, the notoriously superstitious Pokemon Masters will sometimes tattoo themselves with the likeness of Pidgeotto, whom is said to carry the souls of the fallen to the afterlife.

**If anyone wants to actually get this as a tatoo, go right ahead! Click on all sizes and the "ridiculously huge" image for the best quality. CC licensed, just send pictures!**


Falke =/= says:


crossmage says:

Makes me stop and consider the storage space filled with Pokemon cards from my days as a Pokemon Coach every Saturday Morning at Toys-R-Us. The things we do to make sure our kids become gamers…. ;-)

xtopher42 says:

Woah, 754 views? Where are you people coming from?

HeyoItsTayo says:

that would totally go with my charizard tattoos i have! :)

xtopher42 says:

I think pidgeoto under each collar-bone and staryu over the sternum would make for the perfect pokemon tattoo.

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