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Tattoo World

Once considered part of the counterculture movement, tattooing is now undoubtedly a mainstream practice. Although the history of tattooing is rooted in ancient customs and beliefs, it is a constantly evolving art form, as skilled practitioners continually reinterpret traditional motifs and experiment with new ones. With more than 1,000 illustrations from 125 of the most important artists working today, this book is the most comprehensive survey of tattooing ever published. Collected here are designs from around the globe, spanning a broad range of styles, including Japanese and East Asian iconography, classic Americana, and photorealism, among others. Featuring the work of tattoo legends alongside pieces by pioneering artists pushing the limits of the medium, this visually arresting survey is the essential reference work for anyone interested in this exploding art form.

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Luz Aguirre "Seeking Self Understanding throu... says:

rocking book! If you love tattoos and the variety of art out there in the tattoo world, this book is a must-have! Amazing photography, great short histories behind the personal lives of famous tattoo artists all around the world. It’s a perfect balance of pictures and reading, loved it.

William Clemo says:

Great book! This book is a great end table book that shows pretty much all styles and gives a brief bio of artists who specialize in that style. Wonderful pictures and a the price fits into everyone’s range for great books. I have books that I’ve paid more for that aren’t as nice as this.

Michael Sulman says:

Tattoo World This great book was a Christmas gift for our daughter-in-law. It’s a wonderful reference work that she is very happy with.

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