Tattoo: Session #2 (#2)

Pinned on January 6, 2013 at 8:34 pm by Betty Rudolph

Tattoo: Session #2 (#2)

After my second session, 5 hours. A total of 7 hours tattoo time. It’s mostly done, only a 1-2 hour touchup session left to go.

I’m insanely happy with how it has turned out. The space and nebula background that draws the eye in towards the middle, the little flutters of gas in the nebula, the constellation standing out with the blue/purple glow behind its stars.

It will look even better once the ‘trauma’ goes away and there will be less magenta and the stars are touched up to be even brighter.

Artist: Conan Lea
Studio: Voluta Tatoo, Indianapolis, Indiana


pwntendo64 says:

how much did this end up costing? i am planning something similar, and figured i’d ask for an estimate. thanks in advance, this is beautiful by the way!

xtrarant says:

It’s een awhile, but COnan Lea is a pretty high end guy, I ended up spending around $750 I think. It was about 7 hours of work in all. Worth every penny though. If you want something similar, you gotta be willing to drop the $$$ and find a good artist in your area

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