Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun Complete Power Supply Needles 7 Inks By Attu

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Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun Complete Power Supply Needles 7 Inks By Attu

You are buying one brand new high quality tattoo machine kit. Comes package in high quality carrying case with keys. Very compact for easy storage one of the best deal on internet.

Items included in this kit:

2 x Professional stainless steel Tattoo machines (gun) for shader and liner (10 coil wraps )

1 x Top Quality Aluminum Carrying Case with Lock & Keys (Silver leather,Case Size (mm): 312 * 242 * 113)

7 X 10 ml Tattoo Ink (Black, red , yellow , green, blue , purple, white)

1 x ink holder & 100 x ink cups

1 x great quality power supply ( Avaliable work under 110V or 220V and 230V ,240 V,output 1.2V-14.8V )

1 x Foot switch & 1 X Clip Cord & 1 X Power Plug

50 pre made sterile tattoo needles (3,5,7,9RL)x5,(5,7,9RS)x5,(5,7,9Magnums)x5

50 x needle pad

8 x mixed plastic disposable tips (3,5,7,9RT)x 1,(5,7,9,11FT)x1

Disinfection 304 Stainless Steel Tip in box (10 different- size: 3-5R 7-9R 11-14R 16-18R 5M 7M 9M 11M 13M 15M)

2 x high quality tattoo grips

50 x o ring & 50 x rubber bands

1 x Practice Skins

1 X Tool Kits set

1 x Instruction & DIY demo disc

Product Features

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J. L. Helmsley says:

Not terrible, just comes with a few glaring “BUT” moments… First, I need to say that it’s a good buy for the money. If you’re reasonably familiar with tattoo equipment, this would be a smart purchase. Good machines, good needles, passable ink. However, for the tattoo novice, this isn’t the kit to buy (I bought it for an apprentice to practice with). To begin, it doesn’t come with any instructions. If you haven’t used a tattoo machine in the past or haven’t been showed how to use one, you will be pulling your hair out trying to look up the assembly instructions somewhere online. And what help you’ll get is minimal at best, my apprentice called me at two in the morning hollering with frustration over it. Also, the DVD that’s included in the kit it grainy, sometimes difficult to hear over the terrible background music, and not the least bit helpful. There’s a fantastic “how to tattoo” series on ehow that I’d reccomend in place of the DVD for the novice, but nothing is going to help a newbie like a hands-on apprenticeship. So, overall, I’d reccomend this kit to beginners who have a general idea of what they’re doing, what the parts of the machine are, things like that. For people who are trying to be self-taught, please just read up and do some studying, get an apprenticeship, then hop online and order this. :)

Steve L. says:

Good gun for beginners, but gives good tattoos The gun looks better in person. The gun is a very solid, heavy metal (great quality). The product comes with big ink caps, small ink caps, a black metal ink stand, tracing paper (to transfer tattoo design), inks (which I wouldnt use, they are very watery and does not apply to skin well at all), two guns (one for shading, one for outlining)best quality guns Ive dealt with, a box of sterilzed needles (both for shading and outlining), practice skin, a pair of rubber gloves, instructional video (which has soap opera music in the background which makes it hard to hear), two heavy grips, and needle tips. The power cord and petal it comes with is strong. It goes up high. The box is a light plastic. This kit also comes with two packets of ointment, rubber bands, and small accessories youll need. The only thing you would need to purchase with this kit is good inks, and sterilized pads to cover your tattoo. Its a definate buy.

shirley t says:

niceee =) ` i bought this .and its everything it says it is . it doesn’t come with any how to`s so i wouldnt recommend this to someone who doesnt know anything about tattoo machines. ive already done 2 tatts .n got this kit yesterday , and also the ink isnt so good but ill manage . =D ..

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