Tattoo: Angel Wings

Pinned on December 1, 2012 at 1:34 pm by Elizabeth Aoki

Tattoo: Angel Wings

This tattoo I had created for a client. He requested angel wings that went down his back, then crossed the seems, and ended down on his butt. This here is the final result. Can you spot the seem? LOL


Braddock81 says:

By seam, do you mean "crack?" lol, excellent work.

Gaia ❥ says:

lmao! awww, well tysm^^
…and in case you were serious about the seam comment: the seam is where the clothing layers connect, between upper and lower layers here, and not always easy to line up, especially when you are dealing with detail.
Thanks again, you rock!

Check out this wicked back tattoo!

weikelwyn says:


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