Marilyn Monroe Wall Decal Decor Quote Face Red Lips Large Nice Sticker

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Marilyn Monroe Wall Decal Decor Quote Face Red Lips Large Nice Sticker

You will receive one Marilyn Monroe wall decal for one low price! This features the quote from her “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile
I am just a girl who wishes for the World.” This is made out of the highest quality vinyl by Value Decals. Your friends will envy your home and you with this wonderfully designed decal. Can be applied to any smooth surface. Check us out for wall decals and smaller decals! Purchase only from Value Decals for the highest quality decals. Beware of lesser quality knockoffs from other sellers!

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LaToya Kimbriugh says:

One of the best conversation pieces!! So let me first start of by saying this decal is amazing!! I love Marilyn so as soon as I seen this I had to have it. It is so well put together on the wall it looks as if someone painted it on there. Now the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because this is no simple taks and really requires alot of patience and steady hands. The face part was not as DIFFICULT as the words. Every letter stuck to the paper and not the wall. I tore her name getting it to transfer to the wall. So I had to come back to the pic to see how her name was exactly. Other than the actual set up im in love with this and would recommend to anyone who wants to add some flare to a dull wall and brighten up there room!!

Mixue23 says:

Definitely a Yes! I will start by saying that I would DEFINITELY recommend this wall decal. I had read through several of the reviews on here and was still a bit unsure so I just decided to get it. I have to admit that it is a bit smaller than advertised but it went up very easy. I was a little scared about the wording but I just took my time and maybe had to rub over it a few times with a plastic card (like a credit card)to make it stick to the transparent paper, but overall it went up pretty smooth and easy…AND IT LOOKS GREAT!

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