Deluxe Tattoo Kit with 2 Tattoo Machine, LCD Power Supply, and 40 Color ink, Model DVK-1

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Deluxe Tattoo Kit with 2 Tattoo Machine, LCD Power Supply, and 40 Color ink, Model DVK-1

Complete Tattoo Kit for beginners.
Durable, compact, easy to carry and use.

Dual Input Digital Power Supply
The pro-quality digital tattoo power supply uses the latest technology to keep an ultra steady current while tattooing. With dual inputs for both lining and shading tattoo guns, there’s no need to swap over while tattooing. Output on this machine is from 1.5 to 18.5v with powerful yet stable current to operate ANY tattoo machine on the market.

Red Tattoo Power Supply Footswitch SKULL Foot Pedal DS-1
Fit for all kinds of tattoo machines power supply.

Clip cord standard spring type Used to hook up machine to power supply. Comes with a 1/4″ Phono plug.

2 x Cast-Iron Tattoo Machine
This pro-quality Low-vibration IRON frame come with dual 10-wrap coils. A very ideal machine for anyone looking for a reliable lightweight liner or shader.

40 Color Tattoo Ink set 5ml per color
Rose Pink, Peach, Soft Orange, Bright Orange, Tangering, Hard Orange, Dark Red, Dark Chocolate, Mario’s Blue, Kooland, Fuschia, Dark Purple, Mario’s Light Blue, True Magenta, Light Magenta, Skin Tone, Golden Yellow…….

50 MIXED Sterilized Tattoo Needles

Round Liners: 3,5,7,9RL Round Shaders: 5,7,9RS Magnums: 5,7,9M

Others in the box:

Stainless steel Ink stand (Black)

50 medium -size ink caps and 50 small-size ink caps

2 alloy tattoo grips with tubes ( black and blue )

50 tattoo-machine rubber bands

50 mixed-color grommets

50 rubber o-rings

5 tip and machines clearning brush set

1 pack of A&D aftercare ointment.

10 pcs Disinfection 304 Stainless Steel Tip

20 disposable individually packaged Tattoo Tubes

CDS: Flash instruction and thousands of tattoo designs

1 synthetic skin and 1 Spirit 4-ply thermal paper

One hard and elegant carry case

Product Features

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crazy rick "CRAZY RICK" says:

tattoo kit sucks if you bought this kit and thought it was good you must not have alot common sense.the ink sent me to the hospital,ireacon the in was china urine,they are pretty but not to safe,it must be car or model car paint.i would’nt sale this kit to a begginner,and a pro i would throw it in the trash like i did they said they would replace it but i had to send it back, that was funny,i used it long enough to get cellutisusor blood poison.,so i bought some more guns stainless steel of course and good ink,and i did some nice tattoo’s,with no problem. so me dumb ass wanted to make sure it was the kits ink DVK-1 i tried it again to make sure and just as sure back to the doctor i go, they told me it was the ink, this ink got on the bottle. the only thing i can tell you is be carefull what you buy on the internet, oh another thing the box latches broke. the only thing that was worth anything was the rubber pratice skin. don’nt judge the book by its cover and price. the coil screws holding the coils stripped out. watch for this ink on the inernet, ive seen it in some ink kits too. who ever like this kit idon’nt want them to tattoo me lol surferjoe

moneymp08 says:

very good i have been looking online for a good tattoo kit that had atleast a 4 star review and i found this came very quickly and was packed up very well.i opened it and everything listed came in nicely packed carrying case.if i need another kit i will deff be ordering from this guy agian.

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