Henna Tattoos (Dover Tattoos)

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Henna Tattoos (Dover Tattoos)

Thirteen charming motifs: paisley prints, flora garlands, dainty blossoms, and more — all printed in a distinctive reddish-brown ink for that authentic “tattooed” look.

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S. Rabie says:

great realistic looking henna tattoo in a flash Great designs. Easy to apply. no mess no fuss. lasts for a few days if you make an effort to not scrub it. They look good. The right color to appear like a real henna tattoo. Good value for fun.

J. Schneider "lavender1905" says:

Well, it does say for ages 4-8 These are some fairly tiny temporary tattoos that DO look like henna, although I don’t think the world’s greatest mehndi artist could make the designs this small. Real henna should not be applied on children under 6 unless you are absolutely sure that they don’t have this certain blood condition (I don’t have it memorized, look it up on the hennapage.com). So these are nice for little children who want henna (or whose moms or aunts or grannies may want to henna). I put two matching designs on my 2 year old grandaughter’s feet and they were adorable. I wouldn’t put them on her hands because she might get it in her mouth. Anyway, I was happy to be able to use these little henna-looking temp tattoos for this purpose.

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