Cosco Green Soap Tattoo Stencil Soap – Hospital Grade Soap 1 Pint

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Cosco Green Soap Tattoo Stencil Soap – Hospital Grade Soap 1 Pint

***1 Pint Size*** The number one tattoo cleanser in the industry. COSCO green soap is excellent when diluted with water for skin prep and also for stencil application. It is the undisputed champion when it comes to general cleanup in your clean room. This is pure tincture of green soap with lavender oil. A natural soap made from pure vegetable oils and glycerin, completely biodegradable and environmentally safe. This item is heavy so additional fees apply for anything other than ground shipping. Diluting Suggestions: 1 part green soap and 9 parts water as a skin wash and for applying stencils. This means you can make 9 gallons of solution with A 1 Gallon Bottle!

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tiff4short says:

Received incorrect item I ordered this Cosco Green Soap, but received a completely different brand of green soap that I’ve never heard of before. We haven’t used it yet, but were very disappointed to receive a different product than was advertised. This item was shipped and received very quickly, so that was nice, but it would have been nice to receive the correct item that quickly…

Kelley D says:

Huh what did I order? Would have liked to have gotten what I ordered. Was not cosco green soap. Checked with a more experienced artist and found out that what I got works the same but would have been cheaper than what I paid. So not a happy camper and don’t have time to deal with exchanges. Have tat jobs coming up this weekend and this is now all I have. Feel kinda worked over in this situation.Talked it over with the seller and they gave me a refund without asking for the wrong item back. So I’ve bumped it up to full marks for their score. Yeah folks these guys might make an oops but they go out of their way to fix it.

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