Toilet Tattoos TT-LS01-O Frogs in the Moonlight Design, Elongated

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Toilet Tattoos TT-LS01-O Frogs in the Moonlight Design, Elongated

TT-LS01-O Size: Elongated Features: -Toilet seat applique.-Frogs in the moonlight design.-Patterns designed around a theme.-Modern style.-Reusable electrostatic vinyl.-For use on smooth toilet lids.-Not for use on cushioned vinyl or decorative brown wooden seats.-To clean simply wipe using non-harsh or non-abrasive chemicals.-For best results, store flat.-Hygienic.-Wipes clean.-Easy to install.-No adhesive. Options: -Available in round and elongated size. Dimensions: -Round toilet seat dimensions: 12” W x 13.5” D.-Elongated toilet seat dimensions: 12” W x 15” D. Collection: -Themes collection.

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J T "Use Open Source - Firefox, etc" says:

Disliked at First, then support taught me to have it stick The art work is excellent. Looks great.BUT …on my elongated, white vinyl seat (has padding), it stuck the first time, then came off a day later and I was very frustrated. In calling the manufacturer about it, their support was excellent and they were very caring.I tried what they suggested and after making sure that my seat was clean and dry, I held the Tatoo in the shower, under very low strength for a few seconds, making sure that all of it got wet. Then I turned off the water and let some of the water drip off of the Tatoo. Then I placed it back on the top of my Vinyl seat, where I wanted it, then used a Micro-Fiber cloth to go up and down on the Tatoo, which dried it and made it stick very well. I had to do that one more time, but that was over three month later and it holds great and the art work stays looking as good as it had the first day.Whatever is the issue, make sure that you call the company before giving up on it.As far as someone that they they didn’t know that the elongated design would be “oval”, that is pure “user error. There also is an excellent photo of it on the Amazon page that when clicked, makes the image large and shows exactly what the shape would be.Jon

Pinkyrat "Pinky" says:

GREAT FOR BACK OF TOILET TANK TOO! I had a soft bathroom seat so wondered how I could use this, then a bright idea, paste it up against the back of the tank, wow, it makes my red toilet seat look wonderful with frogs starring at it from behind and it makes my drab toilet tank have personality. Great product.

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