tattoo sketch

Pinned on December 2, 2012 at 11:33 am by Joyce January

tattoo sketch

so i had this idea for a tattoo for a while, where my dog is tearing crossbones in two ’cause he’s a brat. So jen put this sketch together based on my concept, and today I handed the sketch along with some photos of mac to a tattoo artist (Shakey, jester’s court) and on tuesday i will be getting this over my heart.

i got jen a matching tattoo of buck that she designed for her birthday last year. Yea, we love our dogs.


Omom says:

Cool! I want to see photos of you getting the tat.

Ingrid! says:


cymagen says:


nikky says:

reminiscent of the powell peralta rat bones logo

elston says:

Nice. I don’t know him, but a tattoo artist named "Shakey"? I’d be nervous. But I used to work with Sean, who also works at Jester’s Court – so I’m sure he’s okay.

Ms Entropy says:

That’s pretty bitchin’, yo.

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