Monster Point Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply

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Monster Point Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply

Now you can connect both your liner and shader to the power supply and with a simple flip of a switch, you determine which one powers on. Think of all the time you can save having both machines powered up and ready to go. The fully digital design allows you to set the perfect voltage. This power supply comes with an upgraded flat foot pedal crafted in stainless steel (5.99 value) which is a major upgrade from the basic square ones offered by our competition. Here is what you get:? Input: AC 60v-250v 50Hz-60Hz ? Output: DC 1.5-18v? UPGRADED Stainless steel flat foot pedal (5.99 value)? 6 foot clip cord? Matching power cord to match your country (special request)Digitally controlled output on this machine is from 1.5 to 18v with powerful yet stable current to operate ANY tattoo machine on the market.This machine is very flexible and can be used in any country with any voltage from 110-220v. Choose the power cord that matches that of your country.

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1Life ""Live life with no regrets" ~ ... says:

1 of the best power supplies i’ve used in a while I’m always looking for great power supplies and tattoo stuff when i am upgrading my gear. This blue led display caught my eye, but that’s not why i bought it. I liked the fact it has dual jacks for liner/shader. Setting/tuning up my machines ahead of time saves me time when I am inking a client, so that when I finish the lining, i can switch over to shading w/ just flipping the switch and of course setting the voltage for the shading. Having 2 clip cords (one for each machine) helps as well, but if you don’t want to have all those wires in your way or on top of the unit, you can also just use one clip cord, and just put it into the shader when ready to switch over. Any experienced artist out there knows that switching over to the other machine and setting the volts doesn’t take much time at all. 1 clip cord will get it done fine. 2 clip cords, you’ll probaly save a few seconds.Don’t forget you still have to adjust the voltage though when switching over or else your machine will be sparking, lol. Adjusting the voltage is the only downside of the unit because it doesn’t tell you which knob adjusts what, but you will figure it out. Also, the knobs are very sensitive and responsive, so like some of the other reviewers stated, i too agree, turn them very slowly in order to get the setting you want. If you turn them to fast, your voltage will probaly be in the 20′s or 30′s, lol. So turn slow.The other downside is that the AC Adapter power cord is really short, so if you need length, bring a surge protector or an extension cord (or both, like i do).The other good thing about this unit is that it runs pretty solid, and does not overheat (like other units i’ve used in the past), even after a long inking session of 6-12 hours straight. I originally bought 2 of these and i use one as a backup and the other as my main power source. Still to date (jan 2012) my main unit has not failed me and i first bought it back in May 2009. In fact, while inking at an expo along side another artist friend of mine, his power unit took a crap on him (he had a crappy cheap 10 turn knob, the kind you buy for like $10-$15 on the cheap sites) after about a 1hr session, and he wasn’t done with the tattoo, and I had to loan him my backup unit in order to finish. He ended up using my backup for the remainder of the expo (about 8 hours) and he ended up buying it from me at the end of the night.the foot switch that comes with it does tend to stick sometimes, so i recommend buying a better foot pedal.When i first bought it, i got it on sale for $50, and it regularly sold for $150+. Now to date i see how cheap it’s gotten, and still worth the $. Definitely will not disappoint you. I’m still using it to this day as my main power source and also as a backup. Like i said above, my main one bought in ’09 has not failed me yet, and i have put it thru some pretty grueling sessions as well.

Catherine McLAughlin says:

Nice machine, terrible seller. Ordered this machine specifically for the pedal that it came with. Power supply arrived with no cords or pedals. I wrote to the seller, got a reply within the hour. Sent out cords with pedal. When pedal arrived, it was not the one in the description. I wrote to the seller again, and let them know it was the wrong pedal. The reply was short and rude. Seller claimed I was sent a pedal better than the one listed, and if I didnt like it to send everything back. The pedal that I was sent, was a made in china pedal, NOT a flat monster point. It is loud, and bulky for it’s size (small?!). Although the pedal does work, I wanted what I paid for, not what the seller decided to give me.

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