Adjustable Tattoo Machine Mounted LED LIGHT

Pinned on January 5, 2013 at 4:32 am by Helen Jacobsen

Adjustable Tattoo Machine Mounted LED LIGHT

We have seen the light, and so can you!

This amazing new tattoo light mounts directly on to your tattoo machine. Providing you with a bright focused light, without requiring any additional power source such as batteries. This new item is excellent for low light situations or simply for added light to work with details.

Benefits of this unique light:

Tattoo machine is shown for demonstration purposes only, and is not included.

Product Features

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John says:

BAD>….BAD BAD First off, I purchased two of these, one didnt even work, the other one is so dim, it is pointless to even use. The thing keeps getting in my way as well, good idea though.

rayeryn says:

Over Heating Great idea! Just did not work out like I thought it would. The LED flickered like a strobe light and it got very hot while running, to the point where the plastic started to melt.

Chris Stovall says:

TERRIBLE!! This product is an ABSOLUTE JOKE! Do NOT buy it unless you have 10 dollars you want to just throw away. It put out NO light at all. Totally worthless!

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