5 pcs Tattoo Practice Skin Supply 8×6 Inch with Design

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5 pcs Tattoo Practice Skin Supply 8×6 Inch with Design

You are buying on a set of 5 Synthetic practice skin 8×6 inch 2mm thick. Two skin comes with designs on it already for you to practice and three blanks for you to creat your own design. BOTH SIDES CAN BE USED to practice!!!

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CJT5252 says:

Horrible!!! I Ordered this product and it never came. I tried emailing the company for a refund and they never reply. I tried calling and they had me on an automated service for at least 10 min. and hold for 20 so i just hung up. This company is just plain horrible.. I really needed the practice skin though so I ordered the same stuff from a different company and it turned out to be crap. It was like trying to tattoo on hard rubber. It didn’t break the surface and was nothing like real skin. I used one sheet and threw away the rest. This is Garbage..Your better off tattooing on a banana or an orange, it works a whole lot better than this stuff. And If you really want something close to human skin go down to the butcher and ask for raw pig skin. It is great for practicing and is most likely free because they usaully scrap it. Anyways I hope this helps someone not make the same mistake I did. Do NOT buy this product

Anonymous says:

Will not accept ink…terrible product…complete waste of money. Stick to grapefruits much better than this product, ink outlines come off way to easy

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