Toilet Tattoos TT-7740-O Koi Fish Decorative Applique for Toilet Lid, Elongated

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Toilet Tattoos TT-7740-O Koi Fish Decorative Applique for Toilet Lid, Elongated

TT-7740-O Size: Elongated Features: -Toilet seat applique.-Koi fish design.-Patterns designed around a theme.-Modern style.-Reusable electrostatic vinyl.-For use on smooth toilet lids.-Not for use on cushioned vinyl or decorative brown wooden seats.-To clean simply wipe using non-harsh or non-abrasive chemicals.-For best results, store flat.-Hygienic.-Wipes clean.-Easy to install.-No adhesive. Options: -Available in round and elongated size. Dimensions: -Round toilet seat dimensions: 12” W x 13.5” D.-Elongated toilet seat dimensions: 12” W x 15” D. Collection: -Themes collection.

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M. Bell "Thinker" says:

Simple and Effective Bathroom Decoration I purchased a couple of these “toilet tattoos” to add a light decorative touch to my bathroom in lieu of the standard tank/seat/rug setup that is so prevalent. The application is very straight forward, the shapes are relatively generic, I have both round and elongated seats, and they can be re-applied until you get them situated to your taste.I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and thickness of the vinyl, it was thin enough to be flexible and leave a very fine seam, yet thick enough to handle easily and resist creases.Pros:1) No glue or other sticky medium, just static vinyl2) Easy application (very easy)3) Easily removed, and can be re-applied repeatedly4) Attractive designs (ranging from gaudy to conservative)5) Quality vinylCons:1) Shapes are close, but did not present the same border thickness across the entire seat cover. You can position the `tattoo’ to reduce the visual effect, which I found acceptable, but some may find it a visual defect. I was able to place them in such a way, through brief trial and error, that my family really liked the end result.2) The elongated design is wide at the back.Summary – don’t let the shape issue deter you, I have a rather meticulous sense and find even the most minute variances distracting. These are well made, the images showed none of the typical `stretch whiting’ that you see with some vinyl image products, and the static application is a breeze. The end result was quite nice, and I would recommend them for those who find the tank/seat/rug sets unappealing.

Anonymous says:

Excellent way to decorate your bathroom! Very easy to use and last a long time. I have bought more!

Anonymous says:

I got this for fun. We have a koi pond in the backyard and lots of Koi decorations in our home, so this was a natural. I wasn’t sure I would really place it on the toilet seat, but we did, and it is quite a conversation piece. When one guest uses the bathroom, he/she calls another in after just to see our toilet tattoo. Everyone wants to know where we got it.It has held up well as I purchased it last year. This was one of my most fun purchases. Get one, you won’t be sorry. My daughter wants a horse design but I haven’t found one yet.

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