Gallon Green Soap with Tattoo Artist Guide

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Gallon Green Soap with Tattoo Artist Guide

Green Soap:Use before, during & after the tattoo process to cleanse and disinfect area being tattooed.
Used to transfer stencil to the skin. Mix 4 parts water to 1 part solution.

Tattoo Artist Guide: Includes information on everything you need to do a professional tattooing:
Sterilization / Medical
Equipment Setup
Needle Installation & Adjustments
Needle Diagram
Making a Stencil
Tattoo Process
Bandaging / Cleanup
Machine Adjustments
Machine Parts Diagram
Tattoo Product Checklist
Consent Form

Product Features

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Roman Starr Tattoos "Roman Starr" says:

Green Soap by the gallon I just purchased this GREEN SOAP, again, yes if you sling ink especially professionally or otherwise then you should diffenately be using this product, and along with other products, naturally, but Green Soap is about the best product that I have ever purchased for sterile working conditions, I use it to clean ink(s) off of my customers as well as the work area. [note: working areas should also be cleaned with disinfectants]. I have been slinging ink for over 30 years and this is in my oppinion extremely important to have in your studio, I give this product 5 starrs. The order arrived within a week.

C. A. Shadden says:

Superior Green Soap First and foremost, Superior Tattoo has hands down the best products in the industry. If they don’t have it, Then you don’t need it. I love the service I get from them. Anyways, Back to the matter at hand. I have been a professional artist for 6 years now. And I can tell you this. Green soap is a must, For keeping the area you are working on clean. I get a lot of laughs from the older artists for “Bathing my clients in green soap” Wipes of ink beautifully. And like I said, The area will always be clean. As for Superior green soap. I’ve tried many kinds, And some just don’t make the cut. I mix 4 parts distilled water, To one part green soap. And It’s all gravy from there. Trust superior, I do…Real artists, Real Equip, Real Service.

Rosalee says:

Green Soap Gallon Great value…A little goes a long way…economically better to purchase big…Works better than any washing solution I’ve tried in the past…

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