Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Top Machines 28 Color Inks Power Shipping From USA Mgt-16

Pinned on January 8, 2013 at 1:34 pm by Elizabeth Aoki

Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Top Machines 28 Color Inks Power Shipping From USA Mgt-16

1/ 2 pcs New Design Professional tattoo machines for Shader and Liner .

2/ 1 superior high quality power supply .we will send the power cord & plug fitted buyer’s country .1 Foot switch,1 Clip cord.

3/ 50 pre made sterile tattoo needles.(3,5,7,9RL)x5,(5,7,9RS)x5,(5,7,9Magnums)x5.

4/ Disinfection 304 Stainless Steel Tip . 10 different- size Disinfection 304 Stainless steel tips , Size: 3-5R 7-9R 11-14R 16-18R 5M 7M 9M 11M 13M 15M .

5/ 2 pcs High quality Alloy Tattoo Machine Grips .

7/ 1 pc of Ink Cup Holder & 100 pcs of ink cups.

8/ 50 premium black nipple-style grommets.

9/ 50 rubber machine o-rings.

10/ 50 tattoo-machine rubber bands.

11/ 1 Set of adjust tools and other attachments.

14/ 1 set brush for cleansing.

15/ 20 disposable disinfectant tips.

16/ 1CD(Include Hundreds of tattoo images.)

17/ 28 bottle of tattoo inks(5ml/bottle):
Silver/Mario’s light blue/Light magenta/Kooland/True magenta/Mario’s blue/Teal/True black/Bamboo/Light green/Light purple/Dark chocolate/Nahama blue/Darkgreen/Peach/Banana chean/Rose pink/Bright red/Carol’s pink/Fuschia/Snow white opaque/Bright orange/Soft orange/Lollipop/Skin tone/Cherry bomb/Golden yellow/Lemon yellow

18/ 1 sheet of transfer paper.

19/ 1 sheets practice skin.

21/ 1 Pack of A & D Ointment. Each pack is a 5 gram foil pack.

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michellenatl says:

customer service and quality not there I ordered the kit and the shipping was pretty fast, but when I received the product, one of the guns was broken and the power supply was not working. I contacted the seller to let them know the problem, but they told me not to worry about it and never resolved the problem. I ended up ordering a different power supply and another gun from a different seller. The ink was good and the needles were as well but as far as the other contents of the kit..totally not a good starter kit.

ahardig says:

My thoughts I bought the kit i got everything i was suppose to nothing was broken loved the kit my boyfriend did a tat on me and i had a reaction to the inkHe also had one done on him with same ink and he didnt have a reactionwas very happy with what i got

crazy rick "CRAZY RICK" says:

I TOLD YA ABOUT THAT CHINA INK this kit i’m not ordering its junk and i’ve warned people on the internet about that ink with the dragon,that ink is china piss and toxic,if you like infection order, crazy rick. the only thing this kits got good is the guns, that is the ink that sent me to the doctor and hospital around a year ago the bottles have TATTOOOO.COM AND A DRAGON on the bottles.use the ink on practice skin,or pig skin,only WARNING DONOT USE THIS INK ON ANYONE OR YOURSELF ITS TOXIC. THERE IS ONE GUN IN THIS KIT ,AND ITS THE GOLD ONE AND ITs A NICE TAT GUN, I DON’NT NO ABOUT THE BLUE ONE, YOU CAN BUY THE GOLD GUN FROM CRAZY CART FOR 8.00 AND IT RUNS LIKE A 50.00 MACHINE,I GOT TWO OF THEM .,BUT THE INK IS toxic. there is one thing in this kit that is good, and that is the gold tattoo gun, with the snakeskin coils i got two off them from crazy cart of them and they are the best guns i’ve ever bought

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