Tattoo Idea

Pinned on January 4, 2013 at 6:32 am by Jenny Enkassan

Tattoo Idea

This is an idea for a tattoo I had. I was thinking of putting it on my back. This was before I got my other eagle. I don’t think I’d get another eagle but I just really like this design.

It’s an eagle in the style of the Haida indians. The Haida are North American Indians living on the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia and on part of Prince of Wales Island, southeast Alaska.


Daniel.Guimarães says:

Hi, This is my first and new tattoo, i put it on my back. But it wasn´t complete. 12/05/08 I go to tattoo studio for my second session, after that I put pic on flickr. if u ink this in your body…look, the wing on the right side is more bigger than the left side. I correct this in photoshop.

Good look!

See ya.

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