Juxtapoz Tattoo

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Juxtapoz Tattoo

The second book in an ongoing series from the seminal West Coast art and culture magazine, Juxtapoz Tattoo focuses on a subject very dear to the inked hearts of its readers. Most of the featured artists came up at the beginning of Tattoo s modern renaissance in the mid 1990 s, hungry for a new approach, but steeped nonetheless in the traditions of their craft. Whether these gifted tattooists are creating a modern twist on a classic archetype, or pushing the boundaries of the future primitives aesthetic, innovation is the common goal. Featured tattooists include; Troy Penning, Alex McWatt, Brian Randolph and Chris O Donnell of New York Adorned, Scott Campbell, Daniel Trocchio, Steve Boltz, Bert Krak, Henry Lewis, Joseph Ari Aloi, Jason Schroder, Eli Quinters and more.

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Menno says:

Good book about modern day tattoo art From the front cover to the back and everywhere in between, this book is well illustrated with many page size photo’s of high quality. Even though in good tattoo magazines you might find some similar photos – and even better – this book offers an overview of today’s tattoo art, in different styles, by some of the USA’s more or even most talented tattoo artists.

Heather Fetterly says:

Juxtapoz Fan This book is very cool. My only complaint is that it doesn’t feature enough art, although another 500 pages wouldn’t have been enough for me. Overall, some very cool artists are featured and the book has a decent range of styles.

Veronica Herrera says:

Great gift! This book has wonderful, close-up color images. The book includes information about tattoo artists with their work, which is a feature most tattoo books lack. I bought this book for a friend of mine who is into tattoo art. He loved it.

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