Stencil-Pro, 4oz bottle.

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Stencil-Pro, 4oz bottle.

Non Toxic, Extremely Mild, Save for sensitive skin, no cross contamination, Holds stencil to the skin, Thousands & Thousands of satisfied tattoo artists worldwide.

Directions: Shake Well, Squeeze Stencil-Pro onto a paper towel. Wipe area where stencil is to be applied. Apply stencil, let dry & Tattoo.

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Shel98 says:

Product is good Picture is Deceiving This product works great however, when I ordered it I also ordered a lot of other stuff and may not have looked close enough but I personally thought that I was going to get 3 bottles and when it came and there was only one bottle…. for the price I was a bit disappointed but like I said that is my fault really!

vanessajustine says:

it only has 1. not 3 as it shows. The price I saw was shown to be 3 bottles of the solution not 1 therefore I thought it was acceptional. Once I received this I only had 1 bottle and the price for 1 bottle of this stuff was outrageous. Find this product some place else for cheeper

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