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Dear Fellow Tattoo Enthusiast

The Koi has long been reveered within the Tattoo community as a symbol of Perseverance and Strength...a symbol paying hommage to a long challenging journey towards a lifetime Goal.

Find out if the colour and direction of a Koi tattoo really does make any difference in your decision making process. Is the direction of the Koi a symbol of your sexuality? Does a Golden Koi symbolize wealth and power, all of these questions are investigated in detail, making it easier for you to make your tattoo decision.

In order to fully detail the story and symbolism of the Koi Fish in Tattoos, a great deal of research was undertaken so that a storyboard could be produced unveiling an interpretation of one of the most amazing tales of ancient Far Eastern folklore ... these stories have been bound together and illustrated in beautiful full colour using modern day graphic art techniques.

So part one of this knockout package is this...

10 FREE Exclusive individual Koi Fish Tattoo Designs:

  Individual in design and true to the Koi Fish Tattoo style.

  Edittable in each format using the Gimp software package, allowing you
to recolor and reformat the templates to suit your very own colour style.

  A copy of the 9 Warrior Koi storyboard, detailing the draft pencil sketches of the whole tale and the final journey to Dragons Gate.

  An Exclusive large format Tattoo canvas illustrating the transformation of the first Warrior Koi to Imperial Dragon upon reaching the summit of Dragons Gate.

  Each of the images have been created in minute detail, scale by scale, so that they look authentic and can be editted individually.

  Each of the 10 images took on average 2 days to create (that's 24 solid hours of work each), in every way a beautiful creation as depicted elsewhere on these pages.

  Design you very own Koi Tattoo with your own colour personality and flora backgrounds, then take them to your tattooist to recreate or print off as a poster or use as a screensaver!

Part 2 of the package is...

47 Page Guide to Koi Fish Tattoos. In Depth Research Into The Meanings and Symbolism of Koi Fish in Tattoo Art, Colour Psychology and Floral Symbolism of Maple Leaf and Cherry Blossom...

So much uncertainty surrounds choosing Tattoos, in particular Koi Tattoos. Many questions have been researched like "What is the Symbolism of Koi Fish in Tattoos?", "What ColourKoi?", "What is the Significance of the Maple Leaf and Cherry Blossom?"

Our guide covers the whole shooting match! Use the psychology and personlity guide to determine what type of character you are and what colour best represents your style in Tattoo design! "Should the Koi be Swimming Up or Swimming Down?", the significance of direction is also covered...

Part 3 of the Package is...

A bumper bonus Tattoo give-away! Take a look at these Guides and all of your other questions will be answered, take a look below:-

Let's take a look at the whole package of products you can be calling your own within 5 minutes:

Exclusive Koi Fish Tattoo Designs
Koi Fish Tattoo Designs :

Download these 10 superb hi res designs straight to your hard drive today and start working on your own personal design.

Each Koi image has been lovingly created, scale by scale in painful detail to provide you with the maximum detail and colour flexibility.

Use the Free imaging software to edit the images according to your own style, check out the Koi Tattoo Style guide for your own colour personality and really make that tattoo yours!

Start making choices for yourself and be an individual in your design, amaze your friends and fellow tattoo enthusiasts with your skill in design and use these tools to create designs for them.

The Legend of the Nine Warrior Koi
47 Page e-book packed with guidance:

A great deal of research and detailed copywriting has gone into creating this awesome reference guide.  

The Koi has long been viewed as a symbol of strength and perseverance within the tattoo communities and ancient tales are told of the struggle of the Koi to reach their ultimate achievements, these tales have been re-written and crafted into an epic tale titled The Legend of the Nine Warrior Koi.

This tale recalls the journey and struggle of Nine brave Warrior Koi who chase their destiny, to protect the Imperial Princess whom they befriended at a very young age. Symbolizing choices, determination, perseverance and leadership, this tale details the drive to achieve ones destiny.


Koi Mini Pedia(packed with the above e-book)
47 Page Koi Mini Pedia e-book :

Discover the symolism of Koi in tattoo designs, exploring the Yakuza references and the ancient connections, this book details many theories and opinions from around the globe. 

Colour personality and psychology are n integral part of Tattoo choice, whether we know it or not. During the process of choosing colours our minds are pre-programmed to make decisions based on our character style...which character are you? Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher?

The significance of Maple Leaf and Cherry Blossom in Koi Tattoo design is more than just flower preference, these icons have meanings...what is your choice and why?


Tattoo Guide e-book
Me and My Tattoo :

46 pages of solid tattoo advice and information, check out the content of this e-book before you decide to get ink.

Contents include:-
The History of Tattoos
Choosing a Tattoo Parlour,
The Cost of Tattoos
Tattoo Safety
Pros and Cons of Tattoos
Tattoo Removal
New Tattoo Care and Advice

This book covers many ethical and 'concern' issues surrounding tattoos and tattoo parlours, great advice on things you should know before having a tattoo done.

Read Change your Mind, Change your Life today, and start putting focus and energy into your tattoo decisions.

Tattoos Images e-book
Tattoos Unlimited :

Awesome Tattoo image resource!

158 pages of tattoo styles and images in full colour including:-

Celtic Tattoos
Cross Tattoos
and many many more!!


Tattoos Images e-book
Got Ink :

Another Awesome Tattoo Photo resource!

176 pages of tattoo photographs in full colour including:-

Alien Tattoos
Ring Tattoos
and many many more!!

A beautiful creation, the Tattoo! Take a look at these full colour photographs of Tattoos, eye candy enough to inspire even the most hard core tattoo enthusiast. Browse the 176 pages of body parts and ink styles before you finally make your decision!


In Summary You'll Receive:

  10 Exclusive Koi Tattoo Designs
  1 Large Scale Koi Canvas with 9 Koi Fish illustrated
  9 Warrior Koi Storyboard sketches
  47 Page Koi Fish Tattoos Guide
  Legend of the Nine Warrior Koi Epic
  46 Page e-book 'Me & My Tattoo'
  Free Image Editting software
  158 Page e-book 'Tattoos Unlimited'
  176 Page e-book 'Got Ink'

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